Sharon Hollander, photo taken in 1999
Sharon Hollander
Sharon's Dream
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Sharon's Mom
Sharon's Mom

Sharon in Chicago, 2007
Sharon's latest design for a dress - July 17, 1999 Sharon with Santa
Sharon with Santa, 2004
An ancient Japanese form of poetry. It contains three lines.
1st line contains five syllables.
2nd line contains seven syllables.
3rd line contains five syllables.

Running through the park
Blond hair flowing through the breeze
Always wears a smile

Always having fun
Blue eyes shining in the sun
Life is but a song

A Tree
A tree, shading over the rocky cliff
Looking down at nature,
looking down at life.
Watching the world
Begging for water,
Drying up in the middle of the desert
Will it live?
I don't know, do you?
A leaf
A leaf, just sitting in the silent stillness.
Just waiting for something to happen.
The sunshine pouring down its back.
Just an ordinary leaf.
Sitting on the hot sidewalk on a summer afternoon.
Its long stems intertwining.
No water, no rain, no life.
You and me
We'll be together
Through thin and thick weather.
We are friends
And we are forever
Bright Light
bright light
bright light
shine bright
through the night
I wish I may
I wish I might
that America
and Iraq
no longer fight
Poem of Our Flag
There is a flag sitting in my classroom,
It's white and blue and red.
It's made from a very silky
and beautiful kind of thread.
We sing to it every morning.
It listens every day.
To our valuable flag,
our wonderful flag,
there are special words we say.
Our grand old flag,
Our trusting flag,
is ours in the U.S.A.
- by Sharon Hollander
The Park

I see birds flying
I hear them chirping
I smell the fresh air
I taste the wind
I feel the wet grass
I know that trees are near
- by Sharon Hollander
Watch Sharon Sing
October 31, 2003
Sharon in "The Sound of Music" - Photo by Nancy, The Picture Lady
April 7, 2002
Sharon as a Munchkin for 'The Wiz' - April, 2002
April 28, 2000
Sharon with her mom and grandmother in April, 2000
September, 2001
Sharon in September, 2001
October, 2000
Sharon as an Indian Princess in Metropolitan Educational Theater Network's Peter Pan October, 2000
January 22, 2000
Sharon's getting ready to go inside the Jelly Belly factory, Fairfield, CA. August 27, 2000
January 22, 2000
Sharon's built her first racing car, August 16, 2000
April 15, 2000
Sharon in "The King and I" - Photo by Nancy, The Picture Lady
January 22, 2000
Sharon's getting ready for the Brownie Cookie Kick-Off. With her mom, Sandy, January 22, 2000
January 9, 2000
Sharon's lost her two front teeth, January 9, 2000
October 29, 1999
Sharon, the Nice Witch, Halloween, 1999

Sharon receives flowers after her appearance in the Performing Arts Camp's production of "Beauty and the Beast". Sharon's nose is blackened for her role as the dog/footstool. Earlier in the production she also appeared as one of "Gaston's Girls." Photo by dad. Copyright 1999 by Racing Information Systems

Sharon at Chuck E. Cheese's c. 1998

Sharon visits a bakery, 1998.

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