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December 01, 2008, 12:28:26 AM
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Author Topic: PR-Knoxville Raceway, Lucas Oil Announcement Headlines 2008 Knoxville Banquet!  (Read 46 times)
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« on: November 25, 2008, 05:01:47 AM »

Lucas Oil Announcement Headlines 2008 Knoxville Raceway Banquet!


(Bill W) November 23, 2008 - The Knoxville Raceway banquet was held on Saturday, November 22 in the Dyer-Hudson bulding on the Marion County Fairgrounds in Knoxville, Iowa.  Headlining the night's events was the announcement from marketing director, Brian Stickel, that Lucas Oil would sponsor the 2009 Knoxville Championship Cup Series.  Race Director, Ralph Capitani later commented that the track is not resting with the Lucas Oil sponsorship alone, and will be seeking additional sponsorship for the weekly program at Knoxville Raceway.


After a banquet feast was served, renowned hypnotist, Dan Lorinitis, welcomed fourteen volunteers to the stage led by drivers, Billy Alley, Natalie Sather, Davey Heskin and Mike Moore as well as other prominent figures.  The entertaining display lasted approximately and hour, and was followed by the Award ceremony.


Long-time Knoxville fan and supporter, Jack Morgan, received the first honor of the night as "Fan of the Year".  Both 410 and 360 drivers finishing outside of the top five in points were honored next.  Tanner Mason was named the "Junior Fan of the Year", and he presented Matt Moro (360) and Skip Jackson (410) as the "Junior Fan Club Drivers of the Year".  The award was Skip's fourth in a row in that category.


The Knoxville Racing Charitable Organization received praise for their donations to Frankie Heimbaugh and Jeff Shepard this season.  In turn, the KRCO presented their contingencies (worth $1200 each) for all drivers qualifying for the point standings.  Included in each driver's package were a Bell Helmet, Impact belts and Simpson underwear, gloves, and insurance covering the drivers wherever they may compete in a racecar.


Rick Van Donselaar was awarded with the "Heritage Award".  The award was well deserved for Rick, who has done much for the sport, the raceway and the fairgrounds for over 30 years.   Outgoing announcer Justin Zoch received a special plaque from Capitani thanking him for his service in the booth the past several seasons.  Zoch traveled to Knoxville from the Twin Cities each and every week to announce here.


The "Lyle Boyd Hard Charger Award" was next on the agenda, awarding the drivers who passed the most cars in A main events this season.  Joe Beaver received the award in the 360 class, and Mark Dobmeier was the 410 winner.  Mike Houseman Jr. (360) and Davey Heskin (410) were named the "Most Improved Driver" in their respective classes.


Minnesota's Guy Forbrook received the honor of 410 "Owner of the Year" for the second time in his career (1991), while owner/driver Gregg Bakker from Sioux Falls, South Dakota took home the same award in the 360 class.  Calvin Landis was the honoree in the "Sportsman of the Year" category in the 410 class, and was joined in the 360 class by Dustin Selvage.  Finally, "Rookie of the Year" Awards went out to Jake Peters (410) and Natalie Sather (360).


The big hardware went out last to the top five drivers and owners in the point standings.  In the 360 class, Brett Mather (5th), Gregg Bakker (4th), Josh Higday (3rd), Jesse Giannetto (2nd) and Matt Moro (champion) were honored in the driver category, while Boyd and Lisa Burnham (5th), Dwight Snodgrass (4th), Bakker (3rd), Moro (2nd), and Giannetto (champion) received owner awards.  The championships were the first in the careers of Moro and Giannetto, respectively.


In the 410 class, Justin Henderson (5th), Brian Brown (4th), Mark Dobmeier (3rd), Billy Alley (2nd) and Danny Lasoski (champion) were drivers honored, while owner awards went to Dan Oswalt (5th), Tim and Gina Doogs (4th), Mike Dobmeier and Dave Lunstra (3rd), Shane Sterling and Alley (2nd) and Guy Forbrook (champion).  Officially, it was the eighth championship for both Lasoski and Forbrook.


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