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Over the past three decades, we've been asked many, many questions, not only about motor sports but also about our services. Here are some of the answers. For more, just email Racing Information Systems, operator of

  1. What is Racing Information Systems?
    Racing Information Systems is the oldest and largest motor sports wire service, online since 1979 with news and information about all facets of motor sport, initially on CompuServeŽ and since 1996 on the Internet. Other news wires cover other subjects, but we're devoted to racing exclusively. We have an extensive staff of top professionals and talented amateurs helping to provide the news you're reading.
  2. Who owns Racing Information Systems?
    Racing Information Systems is privately held by members of its management and staff.
  3. Where can I read your reports?
    You can read RIS reports in the pages of MotoRacing, National Speed Sport News, Automotive Performance News, and the Motor Sports Forum online.
  4. How can I get directly to the Motor Sports Forum?
    Point your browser to Please link only to
  5. Didn't you used to be at
    Yes, but we sold that name to Royal Investment Services. We'd like everyone to check links to ensure they're linking to the right place. Incidentally, is Research on the Internet in Slovenia and is the address of Royal Internet Services, an ISP - neither is related to Racing Information Systems.
  6. Can I post news to the wire?
    Yes. If you're a legitimate source of news, send a note to racing at and we'll enable you for posting to an appropriate section. If you've got a newstip, you can send it to the same address. Why don't we use an @ symbol in the address? To help prevent spam.
  7. How can I write or photograph for RIS at an event?
    For our reporting/photography guidelines, send a note to racing at and we'll send you our reporting guidelines.
  8. What happened to the CompuServe Motorsports Forums?
    CompuServe decided to terminate the Motor Sports Forums several years ago as part of its restructuring after it was acquired by AOL.
  9. What happened to the old interface
    Our server was taken offline because someone hacked the interface. At the same time, the person kind enough to host our service moved across the country and we're in the midst of rebuilding things. Sorry for the dust.