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Editorial Staff
Michael F. Hollander, AARWBA, ARPA, MPG, SPJ, SAH Editor Publisher Emeritus, Gone But Not Forgotten
Bob Karambelas, Senior Editor
Lewis Franck, AARWBA, ARPA Senior Editor and Consigliere
Tim Considine, MPG Editor At Large
Martin Buck, Formula One Editor
Ron Fleshman, NASCAR Senior Editor
Mary Campbell, AARWBA IRL Series Editor
Tom Beeler, AARWBA Indy Bureau Chief, IRL Series Editor
Ken Baser, Road Racing Senior Editor
Ed Hollowell, AARWBA Short Track Series Editor and Credential Coordinator
Dave Chess, AARWBA Front Page Editor, Chicago Bureau Chief
Dusty Brandel, AARWBA, MPG Women's Editor, Los Angeles Bueau Chief
Bill Wood, Columnist
Nick Cvetcovic, Senior Editor
Rosemary Allen, Senior Rally Editor
Tony Tellier, Senior Off-road Series Editor
Scott Hughes, Director of Photography

Staff Reporters
John Davison, AARWBA
Carl Galeana
Fran Baser, Statistical Analyst
Benoit Langevin
Jim Samuel
Ralph Smith
Brad Anderson
Ed Turner
Russ Bundy
Ron Gross
Thad Byars
John Atlas
Tom von Hatten
Eileen Waters
Dick Carlson, ATR
Dick Monahan
Jerry Reynolds
Jim Luikens
John Brase, Sr. Editor
Jon McClintock, Sr. Editor
Karen van Allen, Sr. Editor

Staff Photographers
Glenn Smith
Ed Faetanini
Cathy Faetanini
Jay Jenkins
Robert McCarty, AARWBA
John Motal, AARWBA World of Outlaws Sr. Editor, Photographer and Photo Librarian
Stan Creekmore, Senior NASCAR Photojournalist
Dean Patton, Photo Journalist

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Racing Information Systems is made up of a large staff of experienced professionals and talented amateurs. We began providing news and information about motor sport in 1975 on radio and in newspapers such as AutoWeek. We provided some of the most timely coverage of the unofficial Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash in 1975 and 1979, and later participated in the filming of the all-star motion picture The Cannonball Run on location in Redondo Beach. We began providing online reports in 1979 on the then-fledgling CompuServe Information Service. We've provided news through CompuServe for two and a half decades and have begun providing information to both printed publications and other electronic media in the past few years. Among the television programs using our reports have been Motorweek Illustrated, SpeedWeek and TNN RaceDay. Among the printed publications are MotoRacing, Automotive Performance News and National Speed Sport News. Many of our news reports are still found here exclusively.
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