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The information contained on this web site is designated a Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure.

Racing Information Systems has taken a proactive approach to the Year 2000 challenge, and has had teams working this issue since 1996. We have strategies to keep us on schedule to complete detailed assessment, corrective actions, contingency plans and testing. To manage the Year 2000 challenge, we have divided our efforts into four major program areas: Information Technology (systems, infrastructure, data interchange), Physical Plant (equipment and facilities), Products, and Extended Enterprise (suppliers and customers). RIS's goal is to help minimize disruptions to our customers and business partners.

By the end of 1998, we had converted substantially all of RIS's strategic legacy business systems to Year 2000 Ready status. In the ordinary course of business, we continue to install new business systems as appropriate. Verification of Year 2000 readiness is incorporated into the process of implementing these new systems.

RIS is essentially complete with the Year 2000 readiness assessment of its products and is providing product status information on this web site. Although archival data may not be Year 2000 compliant, that data is not included in RIS's current product line and must be considered for archival purposes only. Material storage issues have been considered in our assessment of Year 2000 compliance. (Discontinued and obsolete products, as well as divested products, are otherwise not included in this assessment.)

RIS's Y2K supplier program attempts to assess the readiness of our suppliers, focusing on those that could significantly disrupt business operations. We expect to finalize and execute contingency plans as appropriate. RIS also continues to communicate with our customers and suppliers to address Year 2000 interface issues and assess their progress as well as our own.

Definition of Year 2000 Ready

An RIS product is designated Year 2000 Ready if the RIS product, when used properly, is capable of correctly processing, producing and/or receiving dates in and between the years 1999 and 2000, including leap year calculations, provided that all other products (for example, hardware, software and firmware) used with the RIS product, properly exchange accurate date data with it and are themselves Year 2000 Ready. Please see the legal information also available on this site.

Customer Responsibilities

RIS does not accept responsibility for the Year 2000 readiness of software coding or programming created or added to RIS products by others. RIS does not assure that non-RIS products or applications (for example, infrastructure platforms or pass-through products) are Year 2000 Ready.

Customers should consult with the parties providing such coding, products or applications to assess their Year 2000 readiness. Customers should evaluate the Year 2000 readiness of software coding or programming that they develop for use with RIS products.

Customers are advised to monitor this web site for statements concerning the Year 2000 readiness of RIS products and actions they should take or related issues they should consider. If customers plan to continue to use any older RIS products indicated as Not Year 2000 Ready, they should install Year 2000 corrective patches or upgrade to Year 2000 Ready product versions when available, or do both as appropriate.

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