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Presents Motor Sports and Automotive Books For Sale

Racing Information Systems is proud to list the books below as representative of books written by our staff and management, as well as those of interest written by others in motor sport and automotive media. You may find a review of each of these books as well as ordering instructions, by clicking on the special link indicating the book's name. This link also identifies you to as a reader of Racing Information Systems, so each time you want to make a purchase, please be sure to make that purchase by clicking on the link on this page. Thanks for taking a look at our offerings. If you have any questions about the books we're recommending, please don't hesitate to email R.I.S.

Books by R.I.S. Editor Michael F. Hollander

The Complete Datsun Guide (Out of Print)

New Mazda Guide

Note that the books above are both long out of print and are posted here only for reference. Barnes & Noble does maintain an out-of-print service which you can access from the link.

Books by R.I.S. Staff Members

American Grand Prix Racing

Tim Considine's seminal work about all the American Grand Prix drivers over the past 100 years. If you're a fan of Formula One or Grand Prix racing (and yes, there can be a difference) you need this book in your personal library.

Language of Sport

Considine's list of important words used by those in sport that are different from those used elsewhere.

Other Recommended Motor Sports/Automotive History Books


The History of NASCAR - Richard Huff's new book on the most popular American motor sport

Racing Words International Racing Circuits Guide (Not yet available)

Racing Words Motorsport Multi-Lingual Dictionary (Not yet available)

50 Greatest Cars of All Time

Anatomy & Development of the Indy Race Car

Behind the Wall: New Edition Captures Terry Labonte's 1996 NASCAR Season


Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying & Leasing a Car

Complete Book of the Ferrari

Formula One Racing

Inside Racing Technology

How to Modify Your OHC Nissan-Datsun

Indy 500; More than a Race

Rallying to Win; A Complete Guide to North American Rallying

Stand on It: A Novel by Stroker Ace

Test of the Weekend Warrior

Unser: An American Family Portrait

Where They Raced: Auto Racing Venues in Los Angeles, 1900-1990

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